BACASAN Manufacturing Company began in 1996 and successful marketing strategies in the 2000s as soon as his investment in the sector has managed to become a leading brand. Supply and demand in the market, which takes the pulse of the market and continuous assessment of the BACASAN, Busan Private Organized Industrial Zone in 2000 m2 closed area in Konya produces. Since its establishment in the young minds every day deparda his continuous efforts in R & D, developing technology and increasing the quality BACASAN sure steps towards becoming a global brand with the quality as well as provide customers with confidence to come forward. The main reason for this confidence in its service care TSE quality approach BACASAN CE (1783-CPD-201), TSE, TS EN 1856-1:2003, EN 1856-1:2003 / A1: 2006 and has shown as having TSE ISO 9001:2008 documentation.

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